Friday, May 02, 2003

When I do get a chance to write, below is a list of topics I might be talking about:
(in no particular order)

Star Wars - yes the very thing that has taken over my life since I got hired at Lucas Licensing working with SW toys

Top Gun - My fav movie of all time - Tower this is ghostrider requesting a fly by... negative ghostrider, the patern is full

Notre Dame Football - I live and breathe Irish all the way

Saint Mary's College - Yes, that would be the one across the street from ND (Class of '01) BA in Mass Communication

Professional Wrestling - You know the WWE - I spent a year working on my senior comprehensive research project on Why Women Watch Professional Wrestling - Who know one could write 75 pages on that topic (Hey I got an A and it allowed me to graduate)

Porterville, California - My hometown, from Ptown, Pville and middle of nowhere CA, (Hey did you know that we are #4 on the world's my smogest places to live, GO US!)

Monache High School - good times, good times - class of '97 - band, swim team, and h2o polo!

Friends - all of them from high school, Camp El-O-Win, SMC, ND, the internet and the few that left too soon

Family - those that live near and far and those that have gone to that big castle in the sky

So please read and enjoy, you feel like writing to me, write:


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