Thursday, September 11, 2003

OK so after a day of nasty rain... the weather has taken on being HOT... well northern california hot.. 80s 90s...

On the upside... MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW! yes... number 24!
How I spent my last 3 birthdays
#21 - after a nice mexican dinner with my college friends (the PKs) went out to the bars as "legal" - attempted to do my 21 shots... but made it to 7 before I made a hasty exit to the bathroom
#22 - was meant to have my interview with Lucas on the 11, then the events of 2 yeas ago happend and i had my interview the next day on my birthday - my present... my job
#23 - spent it with my bestfriend in san francisco - there was this 2 case of smirnoff ice... we had planned to go to the bars, but didn't quite make it. Kate and i paid for it the next day.

And now comes #24 - plan to spend it with the girls!


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