Tuesday, October 21, 2003

I know it has been like a week since I last wrote - so here it what went down since then:

Moment of silence for Notre Dame's loss to USC - there is always next year.

CONGRATS go out to Dana and Mike for their engagement - a wedding in Spring '05 - can't wait!

Finished my first Fan Fic series - you can read my JAG stories Here

Go check out Cartoon Network - Star Wars: Clone Wars online - read about the characters/vehicles/planets and play the games. And to know I had a small part in all of that. Make sure to tune in Nov. 7 8pm E/P for the first chapter!

4 days until the annual ILM Halloween party - first it was the Spartan Cheerleaders, the it was an Angel and Devil - this year 2 pirates - I'm the saucy pirate and Kate is the pirate wench!


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