Thursday, December 11, 2003

For Unconcious Mutterings
I say...You Think...

  1. Blizzard:: Winter finals 2000 - Blizzard hit and our Mass Comm Law final was the next day - turns out there was so much snow that they cancels finals for that day... WOO HOO!
  2. J:: My middle initial
  3. Control:: Top pantiehose! - sometimes you need a little help
  4. Blood:: Clot - heard they are bad
  5. Mysterious:: wasn't that the rap name of someone who tried out for DA BAND on MTV
  6. Annoying:: you know that itch that you just can't reach - yeah ANNOYING!
  7. Throat:: Deep
  8. Condom:: see above - may be needed to do something after
  9. Search:: Light - where is my batman signal?
  10. Heartfelt::Thanks - always good to have


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