Thursday, April 22, 2004

Oh what a busy day today was... tons of stuff to do in the morning - in a meeting all afternoon... IT is a good day - the sun is out and not many clouds in sight! Here is some Food For Thought with:

Thursday Threesome

April 22, 2004
We were talking about how things get done here at the Back Porch and thought we'd include everyone in the discussion: ::A geek in the family::

A geek-- Hey, who handles tech support at your place? You? ...the six year old? ...or someone from outside? ...and how about in your web space? No, we're not looking for techs; we're just curious.
Well while going to college I was the one who handled the tech support as a member of our ResNet - My title was Residential Computer Consultant - but I decided against making a career out of it.

in the-- computer? Just a curiosity for the designer types: what Operating System are you running? ...and which browser? Since sites can show up differently in different browsers it's more than a casual question.
Max OS X - switch from Netscape and Internet Explorer

Family-- Do any family members read your place? Do they care? Do they have a clue? ...and how about your 'off line' friends? ...or do you supply a little bit of separation there?
I don't think any of my family members know I have a blog - Most of my 'off-line' friends know I have it and check it out every so often. Those 'on-line' friends - some know, some take a peak, some don't.


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