Thursday, October 28, 2004

Man, I'm really slacking here with the blog, so not like me to slack - now procrastination is another thing....

One of these days I have to get into a better routine and post like I used to. I ge† back into posting my Monday Madness, Ten on Tuesday, Wednesday whatevers. etc...I've so missed those.

Just for those who happen upon this page - work is going well, been really busy - (I did tell myself that I wanted a new job with more responsibilities and I sure got it) Hey, I'm pretty proud of myself - I got to wrte my first Press Release that was not some homework assignment for a class. And of course, like anything else you do for the first time, not always your best work, and like my first PR piece, there were some changes made, but I was ok with it. I didn't want anything going out that was horrible, since my name is one it. So one must check out and do a Google Search for Death Jr...


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