Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Well unintentionally I haven't posted in a month... I'm a bad blogger... ha ha ha

Well since the last time I wrote, things have been interesting. My boss, who has been my mentor for the past 2 years, left the company... went on to bigger and better things. Me i can't go anywhere just yet. I'm still working on getting experience. Being only 24 (in september) I'm still learning the tricks of the trade. Have almost 2 years of experience in the world of product development, but not enough to make a move. Now that my boss has left I am getting to find out first hand all the stupid politics in the business world. SUCKS!!! I feel as though my safety net has been pulled and I am jumping in the waters feet first. But I will try my hardest to make it work. All I care about it making it fun and learning everything I can.

Other than that, Kate is doing very well... only about 30 days until baby arrives. My brother graduated 6th grade and will start junior high in the fall... that just makes me feel old... my 24 birthday is fast approching, sometimes I still feel like a 21 year old, and sometimes I wish I was!

I might be posting some of my poems later... I have to find them first...


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