Wednesday, September 17, 2003

My 6x6x6:
six things you've never done but want to do:
1. go skydiving
2. visit Italy and Ireland
3. get married
4. swim with sharks
5. buy my dream car - BMW z3 roadster
6. win the lotto
six things you've never done and don't want to do:
1. become a vampire
2. become the dirty diaper counter
3. become a junkie
4. become a used car salesman
5. become a pole vaulter
6. become a whale
six things you've done and would rather you hadn't:
1. fallen off a stage after a band concert
2. hit a parked car
3. not even making it out of the apt. on my 23 birthday
4. losing part of my dance costume on stage and forgetting my steps
5. showing up on someones doorstep and almost demanded to see him
6. cartwheeled across stage to receive my award for H2O polo


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