Friday, September 26, 2003

Wow can you believe it, within the past week, I did 2 count them 2 *girlie* things. Now don't get me wrong, I do clean up good when need be, but give me a comfy pair of jeans and a t-shirt over a dress and high heels any day!

Number 1 girlie thing - after getting a 20 dollar gift certificate for bath and body for my birthday (to which I bought the best scent Sweet Pea - lotion/candle/body spray) and wining the small gift prize at work from Stellar Spa (tropical candle/Kaluha body cream/pine apple/coconut/french vanilla lotion) - things I don't often have in my apartment I now have. *I even had to tell my mom, because I knew she would get a kick out of it*

Number 2 girlie thing - after getting this really pretty necklace from my parents for my 24th birthday - blue topaz/blue opal white gold - I decided to take the 100 dollars that my uncle gave me and bought a ring to match. The cool thing - I got a 250 dollar ring for 99 dollars because it was 60% off! For me, I don't always wear the jewelry that I have aquired over the years, but even rarer is me buying jewelry for myself.

Who knows, maybe I'll do some more *girlie* things in the weeks to come.


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