Thursday, December 11, 2003

Are you on theNaughty or Nice list...

Me I'm nice... but it took a few tries...

Amanda Burns (first time)
Nice, but a few naughty marks. Good sense of humor helps others to laugh. Manners show improvement, though must keep working on being polite. "Please" and "thank you" go a long way!!

Amanda Burns (second time)
Nice, but has naughty lapses. High marks in the good deeds department. Better than average manners. Hopefully, thoughtfulness will continue to be as good as last month. Neatness needs improvement!

Amanda Burns (third time)
Teetered back and forth but has made the finals on the "Nice" list. Naughty marks for skipping baths, hiding junk food in bedroom and staying up too late. Is sweet to parents and little kids, though. Really came through with plenty of "please" and "thank you's." Was especially well behaved the last week of last month. Has a good chance of clinching a "Nice."

Amanda Burns (fourth time)
Nice, but several naughty marks. Was very good yesterday, so it's nice to add another mark in the nice column. Needs to pick up toys better, and help keep things neat at home.


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