Sunday, January 18, 2004

Man... it sucks being sick... I spent this entire weekend recovering. Still not 100%, maybe 85%. Nyquil does a body good! HA HA Well finished another book supplied by the loon, Mr. Perfect. Let me just say never saw *that* twist coming in the end. Totaly caught me off guard. But I sure enjoyed it. Must read more. Oh yeah, and this being the Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend, I don't get Monday off :(
I only wish I did. My mom called me yesterday saying that her and my dad were going up to a cabin for the weekend. I wish I could have gone. Oh well, maybe next time.
OOoo I saw Along Came Polly this weekend. Really funny, a must see for everyone. Jen Aniston and Ben Stiller - hilarious! The poor blind farret, the salsa club scene, the ben sliding his face down the harry sweaty man.
Anyways - i'm signing off - there is an all new Alias episode to watch


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