Monday, January 12, 2004

From Unconcious Mutterings
I Say...You Think...

  1. Mitchell:: The last name of the girl I did my 4th grade science fair project with - what paper towel holds the most water - and you know what - Bounty really is the Quicker Picker Upper
  2. Mercury:: is rising - meaning it is getting hot outside... I've been in some hot weather before - 110+, I've also driven through Baker where the worlds largest thermometer is and once it was 122
  3. Cycle:: Reduce, Reuse, Re-CYCLE
  4. Engagement:: Seems everyone is getting engaged... and I still need to find a man
  5. Alternative:: Endings - Many directors like to add these to the dvd of the movies they release
  6. Gang:: Bang - bad thing
  7. Emotional:: ly stable - what I am at the current time - at least I think I am
  8. Skinny:: What I really don't want to be - Some meat on my body is good
  9. Hypochondriac:: Not me
  10. Insecure:: about what? life and where I'm headed in it....


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