Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Woo hoo it is 2004!

I'm back from my 2 week vacation, could have had another week off to just eat and sleep the time away.

I figure that with the new year, I'm going to be better in getting things posted on this blog. Not so much as a resolution, but just because I want to. So here I go (this might be a long winded post) These are all the things that have been floating in my head since I last wrote....

Christmas was great - spent it in Ptown! RAIN is one word to describe Xmas this year. It didn't stop all dat on the 25th. Eye-Karumba (ha ha) My bag o swag this year consisted of an ipod, purse, nice comfy robe, slippers, sweater, money, candle, oranments, dvds, pictures, t-shirts. All very cool things!

New Year's was spent up in Monterey. The fam did NYE at the aquarium. I have to say that was one of the cooler NYEs I have had. Just us and the fishies! Didn't win any of the door prizes they raffled off, but got to drink and see some jellies and sharks so it was a great night.

Did some movie watching - LOTR-ROTK and Mona Lisa Smile - both good movies would go see ROTK and sit through 3 hours of the movie again just to see Viggo, Orlando and Elijah - YUMMY!!! Now if I ever get around to reading the books (which I got when the first one came out, with the intention of reading them before the movies came out but I didn't get past page 84) When I read I will have their pictures in my head - And that can't be a bad thing. Oh my dad got me the Golden Collection of the Looney Tunes on DVD - 56 cartoons! Spent the weekend watching them all! LOVED THEM! I'm a sucker for Bugs and Marvin ;) I then went and bought Pirates of the Carribean, SWAT and Fantasia on dvd and have been watching one movie a night - Love Orlando, and Johhny and Colin and most of all Mickey...lol

Yesterday was the first day back to work, yuck! wished I was still on vacation. New year, New Boss, New SW movie. Gonna be getting crazy, that is all I can say. New year will bring new things, maybe new jobs, but that is a whole other story I will save for another day. Just note if you get the chance check out this site.

On a completely other topic, I realized that the ex (yeah i know I still think about him - BAD) and I had something in common with TV life (a google search will do wonders). His name is a character name from Dawsons Creak - Chris Wolfe and mine was Heather Locklear's name Amanda Burns...Wierd huh?!?!

And segway (not the new people mover - that thing is not safe the president even fell off) into my new obsession (maybe I will try to update my obsession list on each post or whenever I get a new one)
Nsync - but I still love them
Long Hair
My Palm
Orlando Bloom
My Ipod

Ok well that is about it for this post...


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