Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Well for some reason, I can't view my blog... I post something and publish it, but when I try at go to VIEW BLOG, what do I get but the signon page... So who knows if anyone can even get to my pages.. and read my very cool posts.

I guess I will keep writing in hopes that I can eventually view the blog. Computers.... I swear sometimes I wish I could just throw them out the window. I mean I was all set to start the new year right and write to this blog as much as possible, but what is the use when the thing won't work :P that is what I say!

Hmmm... what can I write about that eventually people will get to read. oh yeah I know, if you read my last post and went to the website I had linked to check this one out as well. Very cool stuff.

ooo, tv commercial for DVD of SWAT is on... love that colin farrel. yummy man. too bad he had a kid. Why does it have to be rainy. Where is the love, sun god! I need to be back on the beaches of Maui, that is where the sun is. Lets just uproot myself and be a beach bum on Maui.


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