Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Today's Unconcious Mutterings
I say... You think...

  1. Berry:: Strawberry - One of my most favorite fruits below that is pineapples
  2. Fiendish:: Ok first glance and I thought it said mind is thinking too fast to slow down and actually read the letters to make it say FIENDISH...oy vey
  3. Bar:: Hopping... What I did on my 21st birthday...
  4. Frank:: furter - ballpark frank - good old hotdogs
  5. Bend:: and Snap - Must see Legally Blonde to get that
  6. Fanatic:: Those crazy people who think Jedi is a *real* religion - I work with Star Wars every day but don't go quite that far
  7. Belch:: always better out than in
  8. Flagrant:: fart, food, skunk
  9. Burden:: sometimes they are heavy and you want to get them off your back
  10. Flimsy:: fragile


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