Monday, March 15, 2004

Ah the start of another work week.... And today brought another example of the old saying... one boy half a brain, two boys no brain. We were approving pre-production samples of some Star Wars magnets, when my boss and this other guy I work with tried to stick the magnets on the metal door handles to my boss's office. To which they didn't stick that well... So they were going to have the magnets resubmitted with heavier magnets. But they didn't try and stick it on say the fridge in our kitchen at work or the metal file cabinets just down the hall to see if maybe the problem was the surface they were testing on. (the metal on the door handles is like a brass or something not fully metal) It took me (a female) to say (before I sent out the approvals) "did you try it on a surface that the magnets are meant for?" - "No" was the answer I got, so I took the magents and low and behold they stick really well to a fridge and metal file cabinets...And to think I am the low 'man' on the totem pole.... I mean really!


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