Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Today really didn't start out much better than yesterday... had to take my car into get some minor service on it. It didn't take them that long to do the service, but it took like 30 mintues to wash my car and it was even a crappy job at that - Oy Vey! Hopefully tomorrow will be better....

Now for Tuesday's Daily Dirt
Let's talkā€¦
Tuesday, March 02, 2004
1. Where did you go last night? No where - stayed home
2. Had fun or you wished you had stayed home and do Daily Dirt? Well I stayed home and did DD
3. Would you wanna hang out with me? (Specify why) Sure - you seem like a nice person
4. So tell me, you have a crush on anyone right now? Yeah and I'll leave it at that
5. Describe to me exactly what you're gonna to do right after this? blog some more and then figure out what to have for dinner


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