Monday, March 01, 2004

Oh well today had to be like the worst MONDAY on record....
After a semi nice weekend weather wise - note sun actually came out - it had to start raining - Then getting to work took an hour - when normally it takes 10 minutes. Want to know why...You know there is a reason why there are signs posted that says Trucks Over 40 Feet DO NOT Go Beyond Westgate Rd - They really mean it. Well some stupid truck driver with a big rig didn't read the sign and jack knifed blocking the way to work and CHP closed the road in both directions. Well to get to work there are ONLY 3 ways - one front way (short) - two back ways (very long) one either has to go south then far west almost hit the ocean then back east - the other goes a little north then far west almost hit the ocean and then back east. So the morning way pretty much a wash for everyone. I think everyone finally got to work around 10:30/11am when we should be there at 9...

Then I found these fun images from David and Goliath Tees

Just kind of sums it all up today!


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