Friday, April 23, 2004

It is Friday, Friday, Friday....The weekend is here...WOO HOO!!! Let the party begin!!
Here is how the weekend should go:
1 - You get invited to the pre-party - small gathering a friends at where the party will take place - about an hour or so before everyone is scheduled to arrive - this allows you to get to good drinks before everyone drinks them and to start feeling good (if you know what I mean)
2 - party time - the guest start arriving - some a little early, some fashionably late - drinks start flowing, music gets turned up, bodies start dancing, conversation is limited to "What are you drinking?" and "Need another drink?", and the party really begins.
3 - post party - the party has all but ended and most of the guest have left to go home or to another gathering - the group that is left is pretty much the group that started the night off at the pre-party. the drinks are all gone but everyone seems to feel hungry, what better way to continue the night that to go to some 24 hour place for a little food, coffee and time to sober up
4 - Like on shampoo bottles - Lather, Rinse, Repeat - This is the course for all the weekends!

This has been brought to you by the people who know how to party - the PKs! This is my shout out to you and I wish we were all still in college - because I miss those parties!!!


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