Monday, July 28, 2003

I meant to finish my last entry with these words of
Wisdom - Life is short, make sure you look
Around and take it all in, if
Not you might just miss all
The things
That really matter
Your normal
Letting go
Is sometimes a real
Kick in the butt a necessary
Alas I
Suggest that I
Take my own
Advice sometimes I
Really should look outside my
Window and walls
And see what lies out there for me to
Realize what I could be missing
Such a hard thing to do
Having to look
At yourself
Never wanting to doubt the
Soul that shows
Outward to people to judge no
Lies being kept just yours and that
Of the person you are willing to
Fall to, to give
In to it all, no
Guess work
Under neath it all we are
Really just the same
Each of us


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