Thursday, September 18, 2003

The "Time Travel" Write about what you were probably doing on this day ten years ago. *

10 years ago, I was a freshman in highschool (wow, has it really been that long ago?!?!)
After the whole mess of changing my counselor to Mr. Handlesman and tryouts for the Monache High School Marching Band in the summer. I was looking forward to get try out this high school thing. I really wanted to get into a good college so I tried to plan accordingly taking all honors classes. So here is what my typical day went Freshman year.

1st Period - English - Mr. Hacket Kind of an odd ball teacher. Kind of long frizzy/curly hair. I remember we had newspaper reading mornings on friday. We were split into groups and each Friday one person in our group would bring dougnuts and for the entire class period we would sit and check out the current events in the most prestiegous FRESNO BEE.

2nd Period - Conceptual Phyics - Mr. Blomgren - This was by far one of the most fun/interesting classes that year. There were Freshman all the way up through Seniors in that class. Mr. B drawing his most favorite thing a chihuahua falling off a cliff, coming up with a Rub Goldberg project, tying peoples shoelaces so they couldn't walk.

3rd Period - Math - Mr. Rice - Kind of a boring math class, I can't even remember what math - might have been algebra 2... not much going on there.

4th Period - Band- Mr. Anderson - Band nerd alert! Well being in band was fun. Marching at the football games, ok well I really just danced in the stands with my red blanket and as the freshman, got away with it.

Lunch hung out with Melissa and tracking down her curent love interest.

6th Period- Spainsh - Mrs. Mendoza Hola me llamo Amanda - that and the abc's is pretty much the only thing I learned in that class - our class was bad - one person had an Englsih-to-Spanish translator on her desk during tests.

7th Period - PE - Mrs. Berryhill Learning how to play tennis, handball, volleyball or softball. Taking some off the wall quiz on the rules.

Freshman year after school, Melissa and I would walk home (usually took us about 15 minutes) and then i would be back at school from 7-9 for band practice for our field performance.


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