Saturday, September 27, 2003

The weekend is upon me...
Under the Tuscan Sun was the free movie this morning - I got to stare at Raoul Bova (new Gap guy)
I got myself a saving account - stashed away part of my Episode II bonus that I got on Friday
The other portion of the bonus went into the stash I have going to pay my car loan
Notre Dame is falling behind Purdue in the 3rd Quarter
This week all my TV shows did well in the ratings - My TV schedule goes Mon. (Monday Night Football) Tues. (Gilmore Girls) Wed. (Smallville) Thus. (Friends/CSI) Fri. (JAG) Sat (what ever i can find) Sun. (Alias)
Tomorrow brings the premire of Alias - darn Vaughn for getting married!
Also I go shopping for my halloween outfit. Kate and I will make this year #3 at the ILM halloween party. Maybe this year we will win a prize

This weekend is turning out pretty good... now only if I could clean the apartment and do my laundry.


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