Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Today was another slow day at work...On the good side, I go to go to the Archive building to take pictures of some of the Star Wars Vehicles models - Snowspeeder, TIE Interceptor and the TIE Fighter. It took all of a half hour, but it is always fun to get to go there. The warehouse is filled with costumes, props, maquettes from Star Wars to Indiana Jones (The Arch was just sitting out getting reading to be shipped). Just some really cool stuff.

On another note - I have been trying to get into some Fan Fiction writing. It has beena long and slow process. Just because my head sometimes thinks faster than my hands can write or type. But I just finished my first piece. Still making a few tweeks, but Once done, I will put up a link to view it. I have to give thanks to the loony one for pushing me to continue!


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