Monday, January 26, 2004

Today I got a cool computer monitor at work. 19-in flat panel! Now it sits farther away frm me - Much better on the eyes. Plus it now gives me more space on my desk for work and it looks cool.

I'm finally feeling better and not all gone from the nyquil/sudafed doses I had given myself. So this weekend I had a little movie marathon since the weather on Saturday was crapy -----

I saw The Butterfly Effect - Ashton was good so was Amy Smart - A little on the mind trippy side, but that was the whole point - 4/5. Then I rented Underworld - Vamps vs. Liechins (or however you spell the term for wearwovles) - It was pretty good kate beckinsile and scott speedman were good, but bill nighy was fantabolus - 3/5 (I smell a sequel coming on). I also rented Uptown Girls. This was just too good!!! Britany Murphy and Dakota Fanning gave A+ performances and the hot guy James Spencer (i think that is his name) was great eye candy - 4/5. The last movie I rented and watched was Freaky Friday. The remake, was really good and could stand out frm the original. However nothing is better than the original, but overall the story was great and it kept me laughing! Hey plus there was Chad Michael Murry, can't go wrong with that man! this gets my 5/5.

Sunday was a bright sun shinny day! FINALLY THE SUN CAME OUT - even if it was only for a little while. I spent the day with Kate and playing with little Danny. At only 5 months old he is so big. It is crazy - they grow too fast.


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