Tuesday, March 02, 2004

A very cool 10 on Tuesday

Ten All-Time Favorite Vacations

1. Week trip to Maui - July 2001 - It was then I realized that I want to retire and become a beach bum on Maui. This trip was for my sister's high school water polo team (the same team I was on in high school) was in a tournament and we got a great deal and it ended up being like 50 people who went. My parents told me this trip was my college graduation present! Just a ton of fun - learned how to surf, got to snorkel, did some tanning, had a few MiTais and Blue Hawaiians...
2. 2-Week trip to Spain, France, England - July 2002- A present for myself as I paid for this trip myself - Went with my cousin on an EF tour and went to Madrid, Barcelona, Toledo, Pamplona, Bordeux, Paris, Cognac, London - All those places and things that I had only seen in the books I finally got to visit and see in person. Met some really cool people on the trip as well. And there was so much to see I want to go back.
3. NYC - March - 2001 - What is a college girl to do on her spring break when she can't afford to go to sunny florida or cancun - she trecks to NYC with 2 friends and spends the week visiting Long Island, Grand Central Station, Manhattan, Central Park, makes it on the Rosie O'Donnel show, and the great memories of the best hotel in the world (NOT - that is an entirely different story all together)
4. Fort Campbell, KY - February 1999 - Ah the infamous road trip with my former roomate and this other girl (she only came because she had the car) to visit her boyfriend who was in the Army and stationed at FC. I have the enjoyment of checking off my list of things to do in life staying overnight in a millitary barrick - and on top of that us girls really thought we could drink just as much as they did...All I have to say was my friends boyfriend's roommate was a sweatheart and took care of me that night as my friend was being attended to by her boyfriend...good times!
5. Mexican Cruise - June 1997 - Where else can one enjoy 24 hour pizza bar and soft serve ice cream! My friend and I spent the week eating and sleeping up on deck catching sun rays!
6. Porterville, CA - When ever I get the chance - now I know this is not the most exciting destination (see all above locations) but since I moved up north, when I do get the chance to come home and visit friends and family it is always a good time. Christmas parties, New Years parties, Birthday parties, Bachellorette parties....
7. Sierra Nevada Moutains - Any time I get to go up and play in the snow it is good! Many fun times have been had staying at rented cabin's or friends cabin's!
8. Salt Lake City and St. George, Utah - I spent many a summer visiting my grandparents and aunt's and uncle's in Utah during elementary and junior high
9. Driving Cross Country August 2000 and June 2001- CA to IN (with my cousin) and IN to CA(with my bestfriend)
10. Las Vegas, NV - March 2003 - World wind trip to vegas for a wedding (not mine)


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