Thursday, April 01, 2004

Oh how interesting it is to be at work on April 1st! Lots of craziness going on and people messing with others mind... Glad to say, that I wasn't one of them who was gullable!

Thursday Threesome

April 01, 2004
The Thursday Threesome
How about an old movie and some popcorn?
::Rebel Without a Cause::

Onesome: Rebel-- Hey, are you considered a rebel in any areas? Yeah? Like how, man? (...or not? Maybe you are one of the conforming types?)
Would driving the long way to work be considered rebelous?!? Don't know if I want to conform and drive the same way everyone else does....

Twosome: Without-- Hmmm... What have you done without lately that you could use a little of? Sunshine? A break from schoolwork? Housework? Kids?
A man... ha ha, how about a nice long vacation, I could use that too!

Threesome: a Cause-- ...and just 'cause' it's the type of thing we ask: are you getting away for Easter/Spring break or is the usual routine in effect?
Just going to visit the family!


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