Monday, July 28, 2003

How a conversation with the loony one starts off in one direction and ends in another...

burnsy79: hey... how goes it
staticloon: good. how's it wit u?
burnsy79: the night is off the hizzle for shizzle... ha ha... just listening to some nelly...yeah it is not snoop bit still...
staticloon: ?
staticloon: hehehe
staticloon: i'd rather listen to nelly any day
burnsy79: yeah me too, that is why my man nelly is on... ride wit me ?
burnsy79: I dontt have any snoop on my computer
staticloon: i've got the tv on. the movie playing god is on. its sooooo bad, but i just don't want to bother changing the channel. ?
burnsy79: what movie?
burnsy79: i couldn't find anything I wanted to watch, so i turned it off to listen to musiv
burnsy79: c
staticloon: its called playing god. with david duchovney and angelina jolie. its the movie vic and i saw on our first date. *sigh* and it movie was so awful. lol
burnsy79: i don't think I've ever seen it
staticloon: its pretty bad. i don't think it was in the theaters for very long. even though it was mulder's first big movie as he tried to break onto the big screen
burnsy79: hm... yeah one would think it would be cool, Angilina and david... noce paring
staticloon: yeah. it was a good date movie. i wanted to see mulder and vic wanted to see angelina. lol.
staticloon: speaking of angelina... i saw tomb raider this weekend. not very good.
burnsy79: always a big plus... ha ha
burnsy79: that is what I heard
burnsy79: however that is our movie for this coming weekend
burnsy79: if i get to see it for free then I might go
staticloon: it's definitely worth seeing for free... cuz its always good to oogle over gerard butler. ?
staticloon: it just feels reaaaally long, and its less than 2 hrs. (i think)
burnsy79: but there has to be some cool action scenes...
staticloon: none that really stand out, that make you go "oooh cool!". at least none that i can think of off hand. not like the first one when she's strapped to the bungy thing in her house and the bad guys attack.
burnsy79: that was a kick ass scene
staticloon: yeah it was. it made me wish i had millions of dollars so i could hook one of those contraptions up in my house. *sigh* i'll just have to wait a few years till i have one
staticloon: ?
burnsy79: I just need a big enogh room.... I'd build just a special room for that
staticloon: the bungy room!
staticloon: with thick bouncy padding all around
burnsy79: that is it! I so want that room all to myself ?
staticloon: not me. i'd share mine. with a bunch of studly hard bodies. we'd be bouncing off each other all night.
staticloon: "oops. sorry. didn't mean to crash into you and grab you there."
staticloon: ?
burnsy79: ? such the devil... I'll be there with the boys!
staticloon: woohoo! par-tay!
burnsy79: we might have to cmoe up with those child spill proof cups so nothing gets spilled while jumping
staticloon: lol
staticloon: good idea
staticloon: like a martini shaker with a sip cup
burnsy79: always thinking ahead
burnsy79: ooo....yeah I like
staticloon: or we could just take a break, have the cabana boy come in and bring the refreshments, then have him leave again.
burnsy79: but what if we want the cabanna boy to stay and play ?
staticloon: hmmm... good point. ok, party sip cups it is!
burnsy79: we also need to make sure people have someplace to either carry or put them while jumping... special pocket on he clothing...
staticloon: that might hurt though if you ran into someone/something. there's needs to be a little shelf somewhere, completely padded. kind of like a file drawer popping out of no where.
staticloon: you could put your drink down in it... then jump off of it! weeeee!
burnsy79: ooo I like that idea
burnsy79: we have to make sure we mark everyones cup
burnsy79: that way things do get mixed up
staticloon: good idea. gotta be careful there's no unnecessary spit swapping
burnsy79: unless it is consensual... ha ha
staticloon: hehehe
burnsy79: how many poeple can we have jumping around... we don't want to get to many because of the wires might tangle
staticloon: hmmm... depends on how big the room is. let's say its super big. then, oh, i don't know a handful at least.
staticloon: but yeah, the wiring would be tricky
burnsy79: yeah don't want it to get to messy we don't need people getting hurt... then they might not come and play again
staticloon: and that would be baaaaad.
staticloon: maybe a limit of four at a time. maybe six?
burnsy79: six might be a good round number, just perfect
staticloon: sounds goooood ?


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