Monday, August 11, 2003

Hey it is another monday night...the fam has come and gone. Sewing has been finished and there is a baby room out in the world that has some personal touches to it. Speaking of babies... what has gotten into the water?!? I still need to find a man first before I think baby. I know there are other ways, but I want the real way.

So saw SWAT this weekend... and OMG I spent 2 hours drooling over hottie Colin Farrell. yummy!
It was a good thing the movie was really really load and there was a lot of action. I saw it at 10:20 pm and i was really tired when I walked in there.... but i didn't have to thin kabout sleep for 2 hours...there was just too much going on on the screen to even think about sleep.
Sam jackson was in it as well, you know I can't think of him as anyone but mace Windu... I guess that is because Star wars has become my life now that I have the job I have... crazy!


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