Saturday, August 02, 2003

You know as I sit here listening to all the songs I have on itunes, I'm not sure if many people realize how much music influences our lives. Sometimes it defines the mood, the situation, the words one can not express. Music can bring people together and it can remind you of the memories. Songs can make you laugh, smile and cry. No matter what kind of music you like albeit; pop, rock, jazz, rap, metal,hip/hop, classical, country, gospel; Music is the common language for all. For me, music sets the tone and mood for a movie. A horror movie isn't scary if it didn't have those crazy notes in the background. The next time some horror movie is on tv I dare you to hit mute... not so scary huh?!? Music also can make the time pass by quickly... on a long drive in the car, pop in your favortie tape/cd, flip to your favorite radio station and just sing at the top of your lungs (who cares if people notice you are singing to yourself)... soon you arrive at your destination, just thinking where did the time go. For me certain songs remind me of times in my life. The lyrics seem to speak the words that I can't come up with or remind me of my friends. I will have to come up with a list of songs and the cooresponding events or people that remind me of them... but that will be another post... in the meantime.. think about your favorite song and remember the good times!


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