Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Well I'm back from a nice relaxing President's Day weekend. Spent it at Lake Arrowhead, very nice warm weather. But now I"m back here in the stormy bay area. Can you believe it?!? I wish I could have stayed a little longer in the sun. Oh well. Had a great V-day and my brother had a great 13th birthday so the weekend was great.

But I digress...... here is this week's Unconcious Muttering's

  1. Dragon:: Dungeon - you know that RPG (not the rocket propelled grenagde)
  2. Molecule:: H20
  3. Tire:: Iron
  4. Mighty:: Mouse, Morphin Power Rangers
  5. Octane:: FUEL - fast
  6. Troll:: Billy goats gruff
  7. Atmosphere:: Pressure
  8. Guide:: Tour Guide - I've been one for some nice folks at MTV at Skywalker Ranch
  9. Leash:: Dog
  10. Dustmite:: cousin of the Dust Bunny


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