Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Well today is Wednesday and the boss is gone to RI (to have meetings with Hasbro) and then off to NY (for Toy Fair) and I (low man on tottem pole) have to hold down the fort at work. Go Me!!! Today was slow, then busy, then slow, then busy and then slow again - Hopefully tomorrow will be better. a consitant state of slow - always much better than crazy insane licensees wanting everything RIGHT NOW!!! Ok I digress...

On another note - the Loon gave me a shout out for this Blog It Forward so I thought I would also try my hand at this BIF (which reminds me of BIFFY - Bathroom In Forest For You - spent one too many years at Girl Scout Camp)

Here are the blog's that I think should be recognized...

What's On Right Now?
I found this site and just thought it was really cool - questions get asked about what is on... Your Walls, your Valentine's Day wish list, things you have to do before the end of the week. Makes you really think! So check it out when you get the chance!

Luna Nina's Blog and Unconcious Mutterings
I forgot how I came across this site, but each week in the Unconcious Mutterings section a list of ten items gets posted and you get to post what the first thing that pops into you head for each word is. Kind of fun and brings back some memories if there is some really obscure word posted. So check that out too!


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