Tuesday, February 03, 2004

ok the loon has informed me that i was suppose to post Monday on the Super Bowl Commercials. And to my defense I was out for the night, out on the town and on a date, so I had a good excuse...So without further or do here are the top commercials I loved...

Tostitos - aired during pre-game stuff - groom and groomsmen hiding in a closet watching the game eating tostitos, bride and bridesmaid walk in - Bride: "Oh the games on" and sits on her husband-to-be's lap. Bestman (to Groom): You are so lucky.. (sniff sniff) I promised I wouldn't cry. - Just thought it was really cute.

Budwiser - Clidesdale Envy - The Donkey rocked and I loved when he wore hair extensions - Three cheers for the Donkey who finally got his dream to come true!

Pepsi and itunes - very cool - stared 16 kids who were sued by the RIAA for illegally downloading music off the internet

TRUTH - the shards of glass popsicles - Well proof you shouldn't smoke

Cealis (sp?) - The warning of the erectile disfunction drug - If erection continues for 4 hours - see a doctor... Yeah I would hope you'd see a doctor for that...lol


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