Thursday, March 04, 2004

The Apprentice is on tonight...a must see...

But until it airs...enjoy The Thursday Threesome

March 04, 2004
The Thursday Threesome

Hey, how about a:
::Night on the Town!::

Onesome: Night: -- Nights can be difficult if you need something from somewhere: what time do the stores shut down where you are? I mean, if you needed something more than a loaf of bread, is there any hope late at night?
Safeway is open until midnight...but most stores around me close early. I miss being back at college where you could go to MEIJER (open 24 hours) and find ANYTHING imaginable. It beats any Super Wal-Mart, Super Target, Super Kmart, Home Depot, Office Max, any supermarket....

Twosome: on the-- River? Hey, are there any rivers near you? ...or are you located out in the wilderness somewhere?
Yeah there are, but I don't know the names of them.

Threesome: Town!-- If you could have any "Night on the Town" you wanted, what would you like to do? ...and would you like some company or would you go it alone?
A night on the town in Paris, London, Rome, NYC, Las Vegas would be nice. And yeah bring on the friends for the party!


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