Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Today's Ten on Tuesday

Ten Celebrities That Annoy You
*my own addition*(and the stupid stuff they did for attentioin)

1. Janet Jackson - Did she really have to show off her BOOB?!?
2. Justin Timberlake - Was this to get some attention back after the Britney/Christina/Madona KISS
3. Ashton Kutcher - Why did you cancel Punk'd?!? Man I loved that show
4. 50 cent/Chiggy/Nelly - Can we get some english lessons for these guys?
5. Liza and David - What a mess that is - who beat who in a drunken rage, whose had too much plastic surgery
6. Michael Jackson - It is all just wrong - creapy man....
7. Donald trump - You're Fired - hell get a new hair cut man - I'll do it for free!
8. Those new hosts for TRL - BRING BACK CARSON!
9. William Hung - ok really he isn't annoying - I've heard some cool remix of SHE BANGS on the radio which was cool - but come on - he is no Clay Aken
10. Britney, Christina, Jessica - I want what they got sometimes - Come on spread the wealth!


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