Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Funny I've posted Ten on Tuesday before I posted
The Friday Five (but I have a good excuse - Friday was the start of my vacation)

The best Friday Five - Because it was FRIDAY THE 13TH

1. Are you superstitious?
Sometimes - I know I was when I played waterpolo and was at swimming competitions - Had the same thing I did before a race - listen to certain songs, warm up a particular way

2. What extremes have you heard of someone going to in the name of superstition?
I've heard some pro football/baseball/basketball/hockey players wearing same underwear for a long time - hoping they will win!

3. Believer or not, what's your favorite superstition?
If you step on a crack you will break your mothers back.....

4. Do you believe in luck? If yes, do you have a lucky number/article of clothing/ritual?
Yes, I'm Irish - I've got the leprechan on my side! I have a couple of medals that keep with me

5. Do you believe in astrology? Why or why not?
I'm a Virgo - so at least I know what astrology is - but sometimes I match what a Virgo is and sometimes I don't... I guess it depends on the day!


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