Friday, February 20, 2004

My Daily Dirt for today

Friday, February 20, 2004
1. Earliest childhood memory
"Packing" for a trip to the snow - I think I was 3 - things I packed, swimsuit and rain golashes (sp?)

2. Worst memory
The one and only time I got grounded in 5th grade for skipping out on PE - it is kind of hard to get away with this when your mom works at the same

3. Embarassing memory
I don't really get embarassed - so take your pick from the below as to which one is worse
-hitting a parked car having not has your drivers license for a month
-falling off a stage at the end of a concert band performance and laying there while the curtains open up and everyone staring at you
-stadium dancing at high school football games with a red blanket

4. Romantic memory
I've had a few, but I'm still waiting for the perfect one....

5. Grossest memory
Does puking on the side of a house count?!?

*and just as an end note to all of these - my best friends will never let me forget any of these for the rest of my life ;)


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