Wednesday, June 04, 2003

So since the last time I posted (a month ago), I had my yearly job review, to which my boss thinks I ROCK, well he didn't excatly use those words, but that is what he meant. I also attended a mini family reunion in Mesquite, Nevada (just outside of vegas) , a bunch of my mom's cousins all got together. In the 100* + weather, I managed to get a little color, albeit pink/red, on my white body. My bestfriend, Kate had hear baby shower. She has only 2 months to go to the little bundle of joy arrives. Down to crunch time... ha ha ha I've seen some movies...X2, Matrix:Reloaded - both very good sequels - can't wait until the third matrix to see how Neo saves the day. Other things I can't wait for... New season of Alias, Friends and JAG - Vaughn has some explaining to do when he is wearing a wedding ring and it doesn't look like it from Sydney. Joey and Rachel - did they or didn't they and what does this mean to Ross....And JAG - Mac and Harm just need to get together. He just saved her life! It was also the goodbye for Buffy and Dawson, but to keep my love for TV going will still be Angel, Everwood and Smallville.