Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Wow I am so impressed with myself... 5 posts in one night! Maybe I will start posting more...

so check out this in the meantime....
poem #4
Flying Wings
by ajb

take me away from here
away from my pain
let me be free

I want to fly
to fly with you
will you take me away

let us go far
far across the ocean
lets go to distant lands

use your wings
spread them wide
and take the plunge

my wings set me free
with no weight
to hold me back

your wings guide me
and show me the way
the way with you

so take flight
and use your
flying wings
poem #3
Personal Super Hero
by ajb

he may not make the news
doesn't wear an S on his chest
he doesn't leap tall buildings
he has no special powers

but who cares not I
for he will always be
my personal super hero

always there to catch me if I fall
shielding me from objects gone astray
taking me out of harms way
always my wall of armor

some people think I'm crazy
when I say you are my hero
you were the one that believed
were there in times of need

my personal super hero
poem #2
by ajb

since that tragic day
when you went away
I have been sitting here
wondering why with a tear

you left to fast
I didn't get to say
goodbye or tell you
that I loved you

I have always felt
in my heart that
you were in my life
for a reason

I am not teasin when
I say you were my
inspiration and my hero
Poem #1
by ajb

Sitting alone waiting
for you to come around
I turn on the radio
our song comes on
I can't stop thinking
about the fight we had
why can't we forget about
our little differences

cause you say yes and I say no
I say stay and you say go
having differences is poison
to the love we share

I go outside to sit and stare
the world rushing past me
why can you understand
the things I believe

can't you see what you
do to me when we disagree
I just want to be free
so please believe
Well unintentionally I haven't posted in a month... I'm a bad blogger... ha ha ha

Well since the last time I wrote, things have been interesting. My boss, who has been my mentor for the past 2 years, left the company... went on to bigger and better things. Me i can't go anywhere just yet. I'm still working on getting experience. Being only 24 (in september) I'm still learning the tricks of the trade. Have almost 2 years of experience in the world of product development, but not enough to make a move. Now that my boss has left I am getting to find out first hand all the stupid politics in the business world. SUCKS!!! I feel as though my safety net has been pulled and I am jumping in the waters feet first. But I will try my hardest to make it work. All I care about it making it fun and learning everything I can.

Other than that, Kate is doing very well... only about 30 days until baby arrives. My brother graduated 6th grade and will start junior high in the fall... that just makes me feel old... my 24 birthday is fast approching, sometimes I still feel like a 21 year old, and sometimes I wish I was!

I might be posting some of my poems later... I have to find them first...