Thursday, April 29, 2004

Daily Dirt for Thursday

Whats better...
Thursday, April 29, 2004
1. Kissing or hugging? - kissing
2. Eating or Drinking? - eating
3. Dancing or Singing? - dancing
4. Laughing or giggling? - laughing
5. Meeting a celebrity or knowing a celebrity? - knowing
Happy Thursday Threesome

April 29, 2004
The Thursday Threesome
Hmm... Does anyone remember this song?
::Goodie Two Shoes::

Onesome: Goodie-- What is your your favorite "goodie" you treat yourself to when you've finished a project or maybe even just survived a long day? Ice cream? ...a long bath? ...a good book? - If I splurge some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream

Twosome: Two-- Quick! Two things that make you smile! No thinking, just write! - family and friends

Threesome: Shoes-- ...and how about your favorite pair of shoes? You know, the ones you look for an occasion to wear! (Yes, guys that ratty pair of tennis shoes does count...) - my reefs

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

What's On Right Now

What's On your shopping list Right Now?
Well now that I have gotten my new apartment - there isn't much left on my shopping list - I even went and got gas in my car, so that can be scratched off...
Wednesday Whatevers

1. Who is your biggest fan? - ME
2. Do you look in the toilet when you're done? - only to make sure the toliet flushed everything down
3. In your group of friends, what is your role? - The funny one

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Now time for Tuesday's Daily Dirt

Around the Globe...
Tuesday, April 27, 2004
1. Where do you currently live? - San Rafael, CA
2. Name all the places in the world that you can think of that you've been to. - CO, CA, NV, AZ, UT, WY, NE, IN, IL, MI, HI, NY, KY, FL, OH, TX - Mexico, Spain, England, France
3. What place in the world do you want to go to that you haven't been to yet? - Ireland, Italy
4. What's your favorite place in the world, so far? - Maui, Hawaii
5. What's the worst place you've been to, so far? - someplace in the middle of nowhere.....
Ten on Tuesday

This one is a trip down memory lane, back to happier, simpler times...
Ten Great Cartoons from Your Childhood

1. She-Ra
2. Loony Toons
3. Smurfs
4. Thundercats
5. Jem
6. Transformers
7. Strawberry Shortcake
8. Care Bears
9. My Little Pony
10. GI Joe

Monday, April 26, 2004

well I forgot to do post this on sunday - so here is this week'sUnconcious Mutterings

  1. Elastic:: Band
  2. Intervention:: Drug
  3. Risk:: Taking
  4. Junk food:: Candy
  5. Arrogance:: bastard
  6. Responsibility:: Power
  7. X:: rated
  8. Marshall:: Flikman - gotta love the resident Alias geek
  9. Kill:: Bill
  10. Brother:: Bear
It is time for Monday Madness

Using the letters in the word 'blogger' describe your blog for us.
B - lue
L - ong
O - rganized
G - reat
G - orgeous
E - xcellent
R - ight
Monday's Daily Dirt

Monday, April 26, 2004
1. you could have a lifetime supply of something, what would you want? - Chocolate
2. you could be an object, what would you be? - watch
3. you could steal something of your crush's room, what would you get? - pillow
4. you could travel right now, where would you go? - Hawaii
5. could date someone famous, who would you date? - Josh Harnet
Well you want my BIG news... well here it is...

I got a new job! Yep, giving up my current assistant position at Lucas for a step up as a Marketing Coordinator with Gentle Giant Studios. I'm really excited! I will be moving from Northern CA to Southern CA. (hoping to get my tan back) If you want to see where I will be working go here and here.

There will be more new to follow as time gets closer, so stay tuned!