Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Wednesday's Daily Dirt

Wednesday, June 02, 2004
1. What genre(s) of music do you like? - Pop/Rock/Classical/R&B/Rap
2. How do you determine if a person has a 'good taste' in music? - if it is something I like, then it is 'good taste'
3. Do you base other people's liking in music, upon your own likings? - yes, but I don't hate the person if they don't like my music
4. What is one of the most important things about music to you? - it can make or break your mood
5. Do you believe the media has changed music (ie: showing skin, lyrics, etc)? Why or why not? - well does life imitate art or art imitate life - the media and music feed on and off of each other
Made it through day two!

Check out this weeks Wednesday Whatevers

1. What is the lowest grade that you consider acceptable?
- well since I got a D in college - it was still considered passing
2. Does the universe have an end?
- There is the saying that 'everything has a beginning and an end' - So I assume the universe will eventually have an end
3. Are you superstitious? Explain.
- not too much - but I do carry a small lucky rock around

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

This week's Unconcious Mutterings

  1. Lover:: Lay Down - a great DMB song
  2. Ridiculous:: you know those signs on the road that say "Falling Rock Area" - one rock?!? a big one, a small one?!?!
  3. Oscar:: Gold Statue
  4. Tennis:: Court
  5. Account Balance:: close to zero
  6. Hickey:: cover up
  7. License:: Drivers
  8. Breathmints:: Altoids
  9. TexMex:: Chevy's
  10. Stepmother:: The Queen in Sleeping Beauty
Today's Daily Dirt

Have you ever...
Saturday, May 29, 2004
1. Kissed or been kissed? - both
2. Dyed your an outrageous colour? - I assume you mean hair - I've only gone a red
3. Bungee-jumped? - nope but would love to someday
4. Fancied your best friend? - not really
5. Skipped school? - in college I did
Ok back to doing my postings...
Ten On Tuesday
Ten Favorite Drinks

1. Amereto sours
2. Sprite
3. Seven and Seven
4. Iced Mocha
5. Iced tea
6. Dole - Pine-Orange-Banana
7. Anything with chocolate in it
8. Asti Spimonte - Italy Sparkling Wine
9. Hard Apple Cide
10. Sangria
Well today is June 1 - man...where has the time gone!

I made it through my first day at my new job at Gentle Giant

Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but i reserve final conclusion until the end of the week. I plan on getting a crash course of what I will be doing, because everyone will be out of the office next week (they will be in NYC) Just keep an eye out on the above site - I'll be working on the updates for it!