Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Today just happens to be a special day for me.
Today marks the day that I have been gainfully employed by Lucasfilm for 2 full years.

Wow, where did the time go? 2 years...
Lets see if I can break it down for you.
Was to have my interview on Sept. 11 - well we all know what happened, So ended up having the interview the next day - my Birthday - I guess it was a good thing - I got the job.
Started on Oct 15, 2001.
Made it through the craziness of Episode II, the lull after the movie, the upswing of the dvd release, the downsize of licensing, the buildup for Episode III pre-production, filming, which puts me where I am at the moment - the coolness and craziness of Clone Wars cartoon!

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

From The Listening Post:

You are stuck way out on the other side of the universe and you have no idea of how to get home. What three objects from Earth would you like to have out there with you?

The 3 things I would like to have with me out there are:
1. Some digital device that plays music - anything to keep me busy and to pass the time away as I try to figure out where in the universe I am and how to get my ass back to Earth.
2. Something to keep me warm (one of those cool space blankets ;) I would be in space) - I hear outerspace can get really cold - what is the use of freezing to death while trying to find your way home?
3. Maybe some space maps? I could call my friend of a friend of a friend at NASA to supply me with some.

Japanese or Korean What Language Are You?

Well it seems that Japanese or Korean is the language that best describes me...Who Knew?!?
Cute - Check
Artistic - Check
Hint of Drama - Check
Experience life with heart and soul - check and check
Love deeply - also check

Monday, October 13, 2003

6 Books Everyone Must Read In Their Lifetime * - For Here

These are in no particular order...
Egg in the Hole - Richard Scarry
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs - ?(I forget who it is by)
Harry Potter (currently 1-5) - JK Roling
Stephanie Plum Novels (currently 1-9) - Janet Evanovich
West Side Stories from Way Side School (I think that is the name of it - funny book) - ?
Net Force series - Tom Clancy

* ok so if you take into account that I have listed series - it is more than 6
New set of Unconscious Mutterings

I Say... You Think...

  1. Timeshare:: Hawaii
  2. Accounts:: Payable
  3. Temptation:: Island
  4. Hack:: er
  5. Shadow:: s of the Empire - Star Wars Reference
  6. Infection::bad
  7. 800:: numbers
  8. Infidelity:: worse
  9. Springfield:: Illinois
  10. Gardener::If I had a garden I would have one - a hot latin one

What a small world after all...

From Dave Barry's Blog and some colorfull commentary from the loon Buchanan High School Girls Water Polo team at their rivals swimming pool (Clovis West) peed on their pool deck... HA HA HA All I have to say is it surves them right!

As always - We (Monache High Women's Water Polo Team) kicked butt and never stupped to these low levels... we had class!