Friday, August 12, 2005

Now onto the good stuff - Unconcious Mutterings

  1. Complexion:: reflection
  2. Teach:: er
  3. Back to school:: glad i don't have to do that
  4. Months:: September - my b-day
  5. Nominate:: a successor
  6. Favorite curse word:: "well shit" - what was uttered by this older lady at WWC looking at our products in some funky southern hick way
  7. Concerned:: citizen
  8. Better:: off without them
  9. Escalate:: fighter
  10. Unveil:: those magicians that seem to make a 747 disapear
Well I've survived another trip to Chicago for the Wizard World convention. Man, these geek conventions take a lot out of me sometimes. But work is work and well it is great people watching! I get to put to good use all the random Star Wars, Harry Potter, Matrix, Simpsons and other pop culture knowledge i have stored up in my head. Come on ask away... I dare ya... Good thing is now I get to take a break from traveling until October when I head back to NYC for the Fall Toy Show.