Friday, December 19, 2003

So you've read my holiday poem of how my year went
I hope you enjoyed it, beacuse now I am off for 2 weeks
I'll see you in the new year!


Tuesday, December 16, 2003

A Holiday Poem by Amanda

I thought I would give you a rundown on the past year in somewhat of a poem format.
If you know my mom, you would understand where I got this idea.

In January came a new year – 2003
And by Epiphany I had taken down my tree
Soon it was time to go back to work at Skywalker
To show everyone I was a good worker

February was a busy month for me
With birthdays, family visits, and V-day I was hardly free
My boss was gone to New York for Toy Fair
And for 2 weeks at work I was floating on air

Ah then there was the month of March
A world-wind trip to Vegas for a friends wedding and pictures under an arch
Celebrated St. Patrick’s Day like a true Irish would
And drank green beer – as much as I could

With April came great news for me
I became a permanent Lucas Licensing employee
No more ‘project’ status on my paycheck
And up until then I was a nervous wreck

The beginning of May was slow
With my sister’s college water polo team championships to go
I met family I didn’t know by months end
When I went to a reunion on Memorial Day weekend

June was the start of filming of Star Wars: Episode III
Try as you might, you won’t get any details out of me
July brought a sad day when I learned my boss was going away
To work of Disney he went because they doubled his pay
August turned out to be great this year
There was a friends baby’s birth filled with lots of cheer

The month I love most of all
September, the start of football
Brought Birthday Number 24
Knocking down my door

October had Halloween night
To the ILM party I went with a fright
November came with rain on almost each day
And was glad when along came Turkey day

And now at the end of the year
December brings us that holiday cheer
For those that live close and for those who live far away
I hope year 2004 brings you a many happy day