Saturday, August 02, 2003

You know as I sit here listening to all the songs I have on itunes, I'm not sure if many people realize how much music influences our lives. Sometimes it defines the mood, the situation, the words one can not express. Music can bring people together and it can remind you of the memories. Songs can make you laugh, smile and cry. No matter what kind of music you like albeit; pop, rock, jazz, rap, metal,hip/hop, classical, country, gospel; Music is the common language for all. For me, music sets the tone and mood for a movie. A horror movie isn't scary if it didn't have those crazy notes in the background. The next time some horror movie is on tv I dare you to hit mute... not so scary huh?!? Music also can make the time pass by quickly... on a long drive in the car, pop in your favortie tape/cd, flip to your favorite radio station and just sing at the top of your lungs (who cares if people notice you are singing to yourself)... soon you arrive at your destination, just thinking where did the time go. For me certain songs remind me of times in my life. The lyrics seem to speak the words that I can't come up with or remind me of my friends. I will have to come up with a list of songs and the cooresponding events or people that remind me of them... but that will be another post... in the meantime.. think about your favorite song and remember the good times!

Friday, August 01, 2003

today was a somewhat boring day at work. just some odds and ends of approvals coming in. just some packaging and some online marketing stuff. Now that the weekend is upon me, I can start reading Harry Potter 5. yeah....Even though I have heard who dies in the end, I will still read.

You want some interesting reading try this...
Why Women Watch Professional Wrestling

Written by your's truely!

Thursday, July 31, 2003

List of interesting words
poggie bait
Thursday here... Weekend almost upon us....
Here are some random thoughts:
why does the weather have to suck up here in the bay area. Today it was cloudy and decided to rain. Not that I mind rain, but it is summer. The sun is supposed to be out so I can put some color on my body. I seem to have lost my tan (I guess that is what I get when I went to college in Indiana, where the sun doesn't shine and it SNOWS!) I am just trying to get my tan back, that way I can look at least like I belong to my family. I mean my 12 year old brother is darker than me. So sad :(

Monday, July 28, 2003

you know I sit here and trying to think of all the names I have out here is cyber space or in the real world...way too many...
banana drums
princess aj
I guess that's what happens when you go to school your entire life with 3 or 4 other people sharing your first name... however I never just got called aj (how odd) just always my first and last name, or just my last.... oh well... here is to the newest version of me... PRINCESS AJ - RULER OF THE GALACTIC EMPIRE!
How a conversation with the loony one starts off in one direction and ends in another...

burnsy79: hey... how goes it
staticloon: good. how's it wit u?
burnsy79: the night is off the hizzle for shizzle... ha ha... just listening to some nelly...yeah it is not snoop bit still...
staticloon: ?
staticloon: hehehe
staticloon: i'd rather listen to nelly any day
burnsy79: yeah me too, that is why my man nelly is on... ride wit me ?
burnsy79: I dontt have any snoop on my computer
staticloon: i've got the tv on. the movie playing god is on. its sooooo bad, but i just don't want to bother changing the channel. ?
burnsy79: what movie?
burnsy79: i couldn't find anything I wanted to watch, so i turned it off to listen to musiv
burnsy79: c
staticloon: its called playing god. with david duchovney and angelina jolie. its the movie vic and i saw on our first date. *sigh* and it movie was so awful. lol
burnsy79: i don't think I've ever seen it
staticloon: its pretty bad. i don't think it was in the theaters for very long. even though it was mulder's first big movie as he tried to break onto the big screen
burnsy79: hm... yeah one would think it would be cool, Angilina and david... noce paring
staticloon: yeah. it was a good date movie. i wanted to see mulder and vic wanted to see angelina. lol.
staticloon: speaking of angelina... i saw tomb raider this weekend. not very good.
burnsy79: always a big plus... ha ha
burnsy79: that is what I heard
burnsy79: however that is our movie for this coming weekend
burnsy79: if i get to see it for free then I might go
staticloon: it's definitely worth seeing for free... cuz its always good to oogle over gerard butler. ?
staticloon: it just feels reaaaally long, and its less than 2 hrs. (i think)
burnsy79: but there has to be some cool action scenes...
staticloon: none that really stand out, that make you go "oooh cool!". at least none that i can think of off hand. not like the first one when she's strapped to the bungy thing in her house and the bad guys attack.
burnsy79: that was a kick ass scene
staticloon: yeah it was. it made me wish i had millions of dollars so i could hook one of those contraptions up in my house. *sigh* i'll just have to wait a few years till i have one
staticloon: ?
burnsy79: I just need a big enogh room.... I'd build just a special room for that
staticloon: the bungy room!
staticloon: with thick bouncy padding all around
burnsy79: that is it! I so want that room all to myself ?
staticloon: not me. i'd share mine. with a bunch of studly hard bodies. we'd be bouncing off each other all night.
staticloon: "oops. sorry. didn't mean to crash into you and grab you there."
staticloon: ?
burnsy79: ? such the devil... I'll be there with the boys!
staticloon: woohoo! par-tay!
burnsy79: we might have to cmoe up with those child spill proof cups so nothing gets spilled while jumping
staticloon: lol
staticloon: good idea
staticloon: like a martini shaker with a sip cup
burnsy79: always thinking ahead
burnsy79: ooo....yeah I like
staticloon: or we could just take a break, have the cabana boy come in and bring the refreshments, then have him leave again.
burnsy79: but what if we want the cabanna boy to stay and play ?
staticloon: hmmm... good point. ok, party sip cups it is!
burnsy79: we also need to make sure people have someplace to either carry or put them while jumping... special pocket on he clothing...
staticloon: that might hurt though if you ran into someone/something. there's needs to be a little shelf somewhere, completely padded. kind of like a file drawer popping out of no where.
staticloon: you could put your drink down in it... then jump off of it! weeeee!
burnsy79: ooo I like that idea
burnsy79: we have to make sure we mark everyones cup
burnsy79: that way things do get mixed up
staticloon: good idea. gotta be careful there's no unnecessary spit swapping
burnsy79: unless it is consensual... ha ha
staticloon: hehehe
burnsy79: how many poeple can we have jumping around... we don't want to get to many because of the wires might tangle
staticloon: hmmm... depends on how big the room is. let's say its super big. then, oh, i don't know a handful at least.
staticloon: but yeah, the wiring would be tricky
burnsy79: yeah don't want it to get to messy we don't need people getting hurt... then they might not come and play again
staticloon: and that would be baaaaad.
staticloon: maybe a limit of four at a time. maybe six?
burnsy79: six might be a good round number, just perfect
staticloon: sounds goooood ?
I meant to finish my last entry with these words of
Wisdom - Life is short, make sure you look
Around and take it all in, if
Not you might just miss all
The things
That really matter
Your normal
Letting go
Is sometimes a real
Kick in the butt a necessary
Alas I
Suggest that I
Take my own
Advice sometimes I
Really should look outside my
Window and walls
And see what lies out there for me to
Realize what I could be missing
Such a hard thing to do
Having to look
At yourself
Never wanting to doubt the
Soul that shows
Outward to people to judge no
Lies being kept just yours and that
Of the person you are willing to
Fall to, to give
In to it all, no
Guess work
Under neath it all we are
Really just the same
Each of us
if you wanna go take a ride wit me....hey must be the money...I know something you don't know, but I've got something to tell ya...

hello again, so here are the things I have to tell you alll... princess aj here on a monday night... not quite monday night football time, but close. can't wait for girls night out to start again! yeah! life is ok, hey I'm still alive, however I want to say RIP to mr. Bob Hope! he made it to 100 hopefully I can be that lucky. On another note... I'm starting to get obsessed with reading fan fiction from Alias, JAG and Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum novels, to keep me going inbetween book releases and tv seasons... very bad! :) Ok so here is a clarification to a post I made a couple of days ago about "my boys", however none of them probably even know I consider them that. There are in the other part of the state.. so labeled the "x-factor" - didn't leave on bad terms, tried to close that door, but can't fully, is that all that bad?!?. number 2 is halfway across the country, doesn't know I would love to have the chance to kiss him. I could have had the chance in Europe, but I was chicken, *D'OH*. number 3 out of the country (in Italy at an air force base), actually never met him f2f. But i've known him for 5 years now, and just started to talk to him again. and they are my boys... but of course there are the others... you know tom, brad, val, ben, orlando, colin....

saying it was the right time...playing with the of lifes simple joys is playing with the boys...