Saturday, September 06, 2003

GO IRISH....THEY JUST BEAT WASHINGTON STATE 29-26....a real nail biter, won it in overtime.

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I have issues with...
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According to this site I have issuse with innocence (Am I?), cold (hate it), camping (miss it), temporary (depends on what is temporary), crush (crush on a guy or being crushed?)
Ok so I meant to say this yesterday, but it also happened today...

The clouds in the sky last night and today remind me of the opening credits of the Simpsons.... I was driving to the movie this morning and I half expected the clouds to part and the theme song start...

Friday, September 05, 2003

Well... the mystry was sloved today... Indiana Jones DOES NOT have his whip while he gets the idol... It turns out that after he and the other guy his is with jump over the hole in the ground Indy leaves it back over the whole so it is waiting for them when they have to leave the cave....

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shh... I'm working....


My Bloginality is ENTJ!!!

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Tonight marks the return of the NFL season - YEAH! Monday Night Football on a Thrusday! Can't wait - Monday the 8th starts the second season girls night out at the bars to watch the game! Go 49ers.

And even better - soon My college team starts it season as well - Go ND! Fightin' Irish Rock.
Sea of Green - Return to Glory 2

And even more better (ok so not using proper english) My 24 birthday is 8 days away! However I plan to spend this birthday a little better than I did last year (2 best friends - 24 bottles of smirnoff ice - didn't even make it out of the apartment)

See my new creation - maybe i can really get LEGO to make my character for real...

Lego Lady

You can make your own lego creations here here
More fun conversations had at work:
1. How does darth maul hold his lightsaber is a certain pose? would his hand hold it in the middle ? What about if he was spinning it would his left hand hold it on the top portion?
2. Does Indiana Jones have his whip when he is kneeling to get the idol? Looks like we will have to consort the video.