Friday, February 27, 2004

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peaceful, but you can be very destructive
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What force is your soul?
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hug from behind
hug from behind - you like to feel what the other
person is feeling and see things how they see
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Since it looks like the Friday Five has been pre-empted this week... The only thing on tonight is The Daily Dirt

Speak English!
Friday, February 27, 2004
1. What's the longest English word you knew?
Well as The Loon put it... Supercalifragilisticexpialidocius

2. What's the most difficult English word you can never pronounce?
Zyzzx - it is a road that I pass everytime I go to visit my grandfather who lives in St. George, Utah

3. Have you ever failed English?
Nope - just releaved that there is a spell checker on my computer

4. Should everyone know English?
I don't know

5. What's the next best language other than English?
spanish - maybe I'm a little biased on that because I took 5 years of spanish classes

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Ok everyone knows by now or should know that my favorite movie of all time is TOP GUN. There are certain friends of mine that will not let me watch it with them because I'll end up reciting all the lines of the movie...

So with that in mind this was a cartoon that was in today's Notre Dame/Saint Mary's Student paper

Still breathing... Good...

Here's What's On Right Now?

What's On the front page of your newspaper Right Now?

Well I don't get the paper - so I have no specific answer - but here are some other things that have been in the new recently:

Barbie and Ken Split Up
Barry Bonds says - "Go ahead and test me - I'm not taking drugs
Many same sex couple flock to San Francisco to get married
Mel Gibson's Passions opens to either you like it or you hate it
Mars rover to dig into ground to fins out if there was ever water present on Mars
JK Rowling tops Forbes Billionares list
Breathe... In with the good air... Out with the bad...

The Daily Dirt

Oops I did it again…
Thursday, February 26, 2004
Complete the sentences
1. In the toilet: "Oops…" - I dropped my brush

2. In the cafeteria : "Oops…" - I tripped over a backpack in the middle of the floor and fell over

3. In the supermarket: "Oops…" - I took the bottom orange and the rest of the stack fell off the shelf

4. In the elevator: "Oops…" - I hit every button and now we are stuck stopping at every floor

5. In your bedroom: "Oops…" - So that is where my bra went.... (ok i just needed that laugh)
That is about how I feel at the moment - Sometimes life just sucks.... things just build up and then finally someone tips the dominos over and things come crashing down...

Relax....that is what I have to tell myself - my mind is like racing with a million different things and I wish I could just throw them into the trash can icon in my head and click on the EMPTY TRASH button and have a clear mind - I've realized I tend to over think things and come up with so many different possible (and sometimes off the wall) outcomes - it drives me crazy at times....but until I can hit that 'empty trash' icon...

Here is today's Thursday Threesome

February 26, 2004
::Choreography: The art of symbolically representing dancing::

Onesome- Choreography: What do you choreograph in your life? Your morning routine? The dinner ritual? How you study?

There are many things that I guess can be considered choreography in my life - after all I took 10 years of dance lessons - How I wake up in the morning, How I take my shower, the direction I take to get to my car, first things I do at work, the route I take home, the shows on tv I watch...all things of choreography...

Twosome- The art of symbolically: Art? Hmmmm... Sure, what do you like to have? ...or do you? ...but how about that little symbol you keep on your desk or headboard? The one you keep because??? I mean, if you can share that...

All the art I have hanging around my apartment and at work - is a representation of my personality. I have a lot of my original artwork hanging up - I have a Degas painting (not a real one) - called Dancing Class - I also have a lot of pictures of friends/family/places I've been - All these things remind me of the good times I've had in life.

Threesome- representing dancing: No, not 'do you dance?' (although that's fine too!); rather, which type(s) of dancing will you stop and watch for a moment? Ballroom? Swing? Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey?

Well I've already answered the "do you dance" question above and it turns out that I LOVE Dirty Dancing the movie (which I can quote on the spot) - but I enjoy watching and attempting to dance all kinds - Ballroom (I think it would be interesting to take a class on this) - Swing is fun to do - and well the kind of dancing that Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey do - well one of those fantasies of mine to have happen sometime.....

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Where you a child of the 80's - Feeling like you don't quite have enough swag that is in style now that "80's" stuff is back in - well if so, check out this little interesting site


you know you want that She-Ra t-shirt, Transformer car decals or those Thundercat boxers.
Or even better - spiderman belly button ring/stud/post (whatever they are called)
Same bat time... Same Bat channel... This is today's Daily Dirt

Opposites attract… (part II)
Wednesday, February 25, 2004
1. What happen when you wake up one morning and realised you've switched gender?
First words out of my mouth - OMG!!!

2. Would you tell anyone?
In the nature of the movie BIG - I would probably tell my best friend - or at least try to tell them.

3. How do you think that had happened?
Someone wished it upon me...

4. Would you do something about it or let it be?
At first I would try to do something about it - If I couldn't change it, I would try to get into my new 'role'

5. Will you still be yourself or change your personality completely?
I would like to think I would still be myself

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Ok so this song has been in my head all day...Just one of those songs that is fun to sing along with (well ok maybe just in the car or shower by yourself)

Little Black Backpack
by Stroke 9

Well I know it, It's a shame,
a shame I can't show it

I see it
I can see it now
But I'm so far below it...

Don't wanna,
Don't wanna talk about it,
I say why not?
Don't wanna think about it
I say there's got to be some good
Reason for your little black backpack
Turn around he's on his back and:

Don't wanna tango with you
I'd rather tangle with him
I think I'm gonna
bash his head in
This shouldn't concern you
Except that
Just don't expect to get your
Bloody black backpack back

I can feel you
Yes i can, what about that don't you understand?
I can sense you
Something sensual
But it's less than I planned


You're tryin to find the reason
For the way you feel tonight
Your mind, is lined, with layers of lead
Well I've changed the channel and came across tonight's episode of The Daily Dirt

Opposites attract… (part I)
Tuesday, February 24, 2004
1. What is it you think is so special about the opposite sex?
Well being female - I think the one thing that is SO special about the male species is their mind - males seem to have different thought processes. The mind is a mysterious thing...

2. What have you always been very curious about them?
Like I said above - Mind

3. Do you want to trade lives with them?
It would be interesting for a day....Wonder what hyjinks I'd get myself into

4. How much similar are you to the opposite sex?
We all have eyes, ears, feet and belly buttons - pretty much the same being, give or take a few MINOR

5. What's the one thing you find unbearable about them?
Sometimes their arrogance
Well it time for my favorite game show...

Ten on Tuesday
Ten Places You Want to Visit

1. Italy
2. Ireland
3. Australia
4. The other Hawaiian Islands - I've been to Maui and the Big Island
5. Longmont, Colorado - my birthplace - I only spent 5 days in CO and have never been back
6. Moon or some other planet in outspace - maybe the international space station
7. England - 1 day in London was not enough
8. France - 2 days in Paris was not enough
9. Carribean
10. Key West or some other small island off of the Florida coast

Monday, February 23, 2004

And now back to our regularly scheduled program
Monday Madness
1. If I could walk , I'd be so happy! - sometimes I can be so clumsy
2. Maybe one day I will try my hand at crochet
3. Before I started blogging, I used to sing - lol well in the shower
4. Lice sure make me scared!
5. If I could fly, I would fly to All the Hawaiian Islands
6. If more people were naked, the world would be a better place.
7. I thought this meme was interestingthis week. (any letter will do for this one.)
The start of a new week and time for The Daily Dirt

What will you do if...
Monday, February 23, 2004
1. You have inherited a huge sum of money?
Invest some, pay off my bills, throw a huge party

2. You have to choose between running for politics or go around the world eating weird food?
Eating weird food

3. You have to make a choice to lose either your Mom or Dad?
I would choose neither - but if I had to make a choice - sorry mom

4. A fortune teller told you that you have 1 week left to live?
Throw a party and make the best of the time I have left

5. The earth will perish in 1 week?
Same as above

Sunday, February 22, 2004

For Unconcious Mutterings
I say...You Think...

  1. Angel:: guardian
  2. Birth:: day
  3. Logic:: Thinking
  4. Stars:: space
  5. Nursery:: rhymes
  6. View:: the tv show
  7. Hart:: shouldn't it be HEART?!?
  8. Creation:: Evolution
  9. End:: El fin
  10. Fortune:: 500