Saturday, August 16, 2003

Ever been propositioned...Well my friend did last night over the internet...

She im's me this afternoon telling me "I was sort of propositioned last night." and I was like OMG... and it gets even better. It was a female, and my friend is happily living with her crazy is that! Well I guess it really isn't that crazy. Just out of the blue. She didn't go through with the net nookie. Just ignored the person the rest of the night!

I was telling her, well if anything every goes wrong with the currently FISH, that she would know that there are other fish in the sea... We had a laugh, because, Of course we both want the fish of the male species!
ok just updated my site check it out!
So I am trying to update my other part of cyber space, my website. Adding some pictures, taking some away, changing my links. I want to make it zippy, exquisit and very less caotic. One would think it would be quite an easy task, but I'm having some dificultly in making it look the way I want it to look. You will all have to check it out once I am finished!

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

So I forgot to mention that last friday at our State of the Company meeting I actually got to see the actual MTV Movie Awards Golden Popcorn award that we or should I say "YODA" won this year. Very cool!

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Well according to this site Career Finder

My ideal job is a Card Sharp
Ok so here a snipet of conversation at work...
What do you think of Padme's butt?
It looks kind of wide to me. have you check the reference
Yeah, it does look a little wide... However, we don't have a great profile view of her, but it looks to be a little perkier in this shot
Well how can you word it so they know how and what to change
I don't know... what about if they slim it down here and here.
That could work. It wouldn't look so wide.

Ahhh....Life at work is never boring that is for sure...

Monday, August 11, 2003

Hey it is another monday night...the fam has come and gone. Sewing has been finished and there is a baby room out in the world that has some personal touches to it. Speaking of babies... what has gotten into the water?!? I still need to find a man first before I think baby. I know there are other ways, but I want the real way.

So saw SWAT this weekend... and OMG I spent 2 hours drooling over hottie Colin Farrell. yummy!
It was a good thing the movie was really really load and there was a lot of action. I saw it at 10:20 pm and i was really tired when I walked in there.... but i didn't have to thin kabout sleep for 2 hours...there was just too much going on on the screen to even think about sleep.
Sam jackson was in it as well, you know I can't think of him as anyone but mace Windu... I guess that is because Star wars has become my life now that I have the job I have... crazy!