Thursday, November 06, 2003

What's On the tip of your tongue Right Now? from Here

Literaly - thousands of tiny tastebuds...
Figuratively - many random words that need to find their way out of the mouth - those words would be regarding life - Its crazy, love - we all need a little love, work - one word BUSY, worldly events - what is wrong with the world today.
From Unconcious Mutterings
I say... You Think...

  1. Taboo:: game
  2. Poison:: Ivy
  3. 1983::Empire Strikes Back
  4. Tim:: Tiny
  5. Groovy:: kind of love
  6. Italy:: Rome
  7. Think:: Mind
  8. Penthouse:: sweet
  9. Shelter:: house
  10. Twinkie::long live the twinkie
So today was by far the worlds longest day! Yesterday capped off 2 weeks or more of preperation for the huge Star Wars summit. My job - costume dresser - for all the SW characters who participated in the presentation and wh mingled at the party afterward. It was very cool. Got to meet some of the members of the SW 501st - the famous stormtrooper brigade. I also got to meet some of the players in the SW in 30 minutes production - All very cool people. I got to mingle with the big wigs and the not so big wigs - met people I deal with on a day to day bases and finally put a face to name. Then there was the afterparty - most of Licensing went to the Starlight Lounge in the Sir Frances Drake Hotel in downtown SF. Good Times - everything picked up by the company - drinks were flowing none stop and everyone was dancing up a storm! I was told on numerous occuations that people were impressed I knew all the words to every song that they played - from 70's 80's 90's and current stuff - Hey those 10 years of dancing leasons keep paying off! Plus I just channel the times of partying in college - I did those memories justice and just so you know I made ya all proud. When I get enough money, I'll have a PK party there! But now I am paying the price of fun. Good thing NO HANGOVER - bad thing my feet are killing me and I need some sleep. Being up for 20 hours and then getting only 5 hours of sleep - yeah everyone was dragging today at work - but hey everyone had a BLAST! WOO HOO!