Saturday, May 03, 2003

Ok wow, I got it to work... little rusty on my my HTML skills... now there are links to email me and to check out my other part of the world....
while i'm trying to figure this out... things to think about....
why is the sky blue?
Why is grass green?
ok so bare with me, I will get to posting some stuff, but I am trying to figure out how to change the stuff that is on the template (add some links) but the compuer is being mean to me....

Friday, May 02, 2003

When I do get a chance to write, below is a list of topics I might be talking about:
(in no particular order)

Star Wars - yes the very thing that has taken over my life since I got hired at Lucas Licensing working with SW toys

Top Gun - My fav movie of all time - Tower this is ghostrider requesting a fly by... negative ghostrider, the patern is full

Notre Dame Football - I live and breathe Irish all the way

Saint Mary's College - Yes, that would be the one across the street from ND (Class of '01) BA in Mass Communication

Professional Wrestling - You know the WWE - I spent a year working on my senior comprehensive research project on Why Women Watch Professional Wrestling - Who know one could write 75 pages on that topic (Hey I got an A and it allowed me to graduate)

Porterville, California - My hometown, from Ptown, Pville and middle of nowhere CA, (Hey did you know that we are #4 on the world's my smogest places to live, GO US!)

Monache High School - good times, good times - class of '97 - band, swim team, and h2o polo!

Friends - all of them from high school, Camp El-O-Win, SMC, ND, the internet and the few that left too soon

Family - those that live near and far and those that have gone to that big castle in the sky

So please read and enjoy, you feel like writing to me, write:

Ok, so I already have carved out a little space of the huge world wide web ( ), however, I have found that I needed to expand my space. So here it is, my new west wing to my castle....