Monday, November 24, 2003

Unconscious Mutterings
I say... You think...

  1. Concert::Ahh... the memories I have of high school concert band and the time I fell off the stage at a would think after falling 7 feet down that I would hold on to my clarinet and drop the, not me, I did just the opposite
  2. Sydney::Austraila - Fox Stuidos - where they filmed all 3 Star Wars prequels
  3. Shower::Rod
  4. Patterns::something I see everyday as Hasbro sends them in for approval
  5. Market::Watch - isn't that some news program on CNN - maybe that is Money watch, i don't know
  6. Chair::The thing I'm sitting on at the moment
  7. London::France - nice place - would love to go back
  8. Reception::Party - always fun
  9. Republican::Party!
  10. Cough::sneeze, god bless you!

ok now I know I haven't had a boyfriend in a year, but you know I got this message from some random person on yahoo im...

hi im 26from mexico looking for a kind and lovely woman to marry to n go to usa........ coul be u that 1?

should I take him up on the offer.... I think not, I'm not THAT desperate!

Gotta love it!